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Wefox Summer Jam

Brain2Canvas is known for offering graffiti and unique action painting workshops where we help participants express their creativity and discover their inner artists. When Wefox asked us to help with the creative aspect of their Summer Jam, we knew exactly what to do!

We opted for a mobile wall on which we painted a Wefox throw-up on a Berlin subway. Afterwards, we invited the guests to create their own artworks on canvases that they could take home as a memento of a fun event. After a few hours, we opened up the mobile wall for painting – it was a colorful delight for both seasoned artists and complete beginners. It was inspiring to see everyone bring their own unique vision to the wall, reaffirming to us that art has the power of bringing people together.

It wasn’t just art that made this event so special. The location was simply perfect – Zenner in Treptower Park, Berlin, provided the perfect backdrop for a relaxed and creative atmosphere. Overall, the Wefox Summer Jam was an incredible experience made possible through the magic of art. We are proud to have been a part of this unforgettable workshop and look forward to creating more creative events in the future!

Bat, Neon Afterwork Party

Transforming an office into a nightclub is our specialty! We took on the challenge issued by BAT, one of the world’s largest tobacco companies, and in just five days, we transformed the 900 square meter office of BAT into a true neon paradise.

Our six-artist team initially painted all the white walls and ceilings black, and then adorned them with various logos and slogans to create the club’s ambiance.

The Polar Bar, surrounded by glowing neon strips and an impressive “Shine” sign with snow elements was the highlight of the evening. But that’s not all – we also painted a huge Jägermeister logo and a drinking mermaid that brought laughter to the guests and created unforgettable memories.

Creating all these artworks not only required creativity, but also the use of a lot of tape and numerous spray cans. It was challenging because we had to work on a tight schedule and could only start working after office hours but we are still happy with the outcome. 5 days, 6 artists and 900 square meters – Hamburg won’t forget this event that easily.

eBay Open

At the eBay Open event in Berlin over 1000 sellers gathered to exchange ideas with renowned industry experts and eBay specialists.

Our task was to creatively interpret idea of recycling and circular economy while showcasing the eBay logo. We chose 2×2-meter canvas on which we let our imagination run wild using spray paint. With a lot of color and creativity, we visually conveyed the themes and highlighted eBay, resulting in a total of four graffiti artworks. Afterwards the visitors had the opportunity to actively participate and leave their signatures on the artworks as well.

Following the Ebay Open event, the completed artworks were put on canvas frames and displayed at the client’s location.

But that’s not all. During the event, we also set up 450 small easels and encouraged the guests to create their own small artworks. Everything from abstract structures to wild graffiti paintings was created. With a little guidance, everyone could express their artistic freedom and take the final results home after the event.

Overall, eBay Open was an unforgettable and exciting event for us and the attendees packed with 12 hours of non-stop art, creativity, and fun.


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