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Street Art Up Close – Creative Workshops for Every Season, Regardless of Weather!

Experience street art wherever you are: Our creative workshops turn any location into your personal art studio. Wondering if your space is suitable? We are flexible and bring the art event directly to you – whether it’s an office, conference room, or your own workshop.

Our indoor workshops are weatherproof, giving you planning security for your team event – 365 days a year. We ensure that your event takes place without weather-related cancellations or postponements. Design with us a space that colorfully expresses your teamwork and creates an unforgettable team experience.

Secure an event now that combines creativity, team spirit, and fun – regardless of the weather conditions. We look forward to creating a masterpiece with you that unites and inspires your team.

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Indoor Street Art Workshops – Creativity Knows No Bad Weather Days

Indoor street art workshops offer a fantastic way to be creative all year round, regardless of the whims of the weather. Enjoy unique and fun workshops 365 days a year – without limitations due to wind, rain, or cold. In protected indoor spaces, you can unfold your artistic skills while enjoying a pleasant atmosphere. Moreover, indoor workshops promote collaboration and team building by providing a relaxed environment for communal art projects. They are also easier to integrate into your workday routine as they can take place right at your location. Indoor street art workshops are the perfect combination of flexibility, comfort, and creative potential to ignite your artistic ambitions!

Possible Venues

Wondering where our indoor street art workshops can take place? We are extremely flexible and bring the color party right to you! Whether in your office, a conference venue, or a cool workshop space – we turn any place into a creative chaos full of color and fun. Let’s find together the perfect spot for your street art adventure! Let’s get wild and creative!


Experience Street Art Flair at Any Time – Indoor, Odor-Free, and Clean!

Our indoor street art workshops are the perfect playground for creative minds all year round, regardless of whimsical weather. Dive into the world of urban art without stepping a foot outside.

With us, you’ll learn how to create impressive artworks using airbrush techniques – all without the smell and paint splatters on the floor. We ensure that your rooms stay as clean as we found them while you fully focus on unfolding your creative vision.

Team spirit is a big deal for us: Together, we transform every wall into a piece of art that reflects your collective talent. Our workshops are not just a creative break but also promote cohesion and collaborative creation – in an atmosphere that’s fun!